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Table of contents

Contact Extensions

hk / documentTypeenum

For natural person the following document types are available:

  • HKID: Hong Kong Identity Card
  • OTHID: Others Country/Region Identity Card
  • PASSNO: Passport
  • BIRTHCERT: Birth Certificate
  • OTHIDV: Others Individual Document

The following document types are available for organisations (BR):

  • CI: Certificate of Incorporation CRS: Certificate of Registration of a School
  • HKSARG: Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government Department
  • HKORDINANCE: Ordinance of Hong Kong
  • OTHORG: Other organisations
hk / othersstring

Additional description field for OTHIDV and OTHORG

hk / documentNumberstring

Document number (for example: identification card number)

hk / documentOriginstringCountry of the issuing authority.
hk / above18boolean

Only for natural persons. Is the person 18 years of age?

XML Example

.cat Contact Extensions
	<hk:contact xmlns:hk="urn:org:domainrobot:ns:contact:hk-1.0">