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General Contact Extensions

contact / typeenum

Describes the type of a contact. Possible values are: 


Default value is PERSON.

contact / genderenum

Describes the gender of a contact. Possible values are: 

  • MALE
contact / languagelanguageLanguage of the contact (RFC 3066), for example "de" or "de_ch"
contact / sipuriSIP address, for example.
contact / verificationenum

Current verification status of the contact. Possible values are:

contact / domainsafebooleanDisplays if the contact is protected by the DomainSafe.
contact / companynumberstringCompany register number / Company number
contact / vatnumberstringVAT Nummer
contact / citizenshipstringCitizenship. For eu citizens not living in a european country.
contact / mobilee164TypeMobile telephone number
contact / identity / numberstringIdentification card number
contact / identity / authoritystringIssuing authority
contact / identity / dateOfIssuedateIssuing date if the identification card.
contact / identity / validTilldateDate until the identification card is valid.
contact / trademark / namestringTrademark name
contact / trademark / numberstring

Trademark number

contact / trademark / officestringAuthority where the trademark was applied for.
contact / trademark / countrycountry

Country in which the trademark is valid. ( ISO 3166 Country Code ).

contact / trademark / regdatedateDate on which the trademark was registered.
contact / trademark / appdatedate

Date on which the trademark was applied for.

contact / birth / countrycountryCountry of birth ( ISO 3166 Country Code )
contact / birth / daydateDate of birth
contact / birth / pcodestringZip code
contact / birth / placestringPlace of birth
contact / disableDuplicateSearchbooleanToggles the duplicate contact search function on/off when using the ContactCreate command. This is activated by default.

XML Example

General Contact Extensions
	<domainrobot:contact xmlns:domainrobot="urn:org:domainrobot:ns:ext-1.0">
		<domainrobot:mobile x=''>+49.123123</domainrobot:mobile>
        	<domainrobot:name>Test Trademark</domainrobot:name>
            <domainrobot:authority>ID Authority Fake City</domainrobot:authority>
            <domainrobot:place>Fake City</domainrobot:place>