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The general reference describes the structure and elements of the requests, sent to the system, and of the system requests.

Table of contents

Requests - Elements and Structure

Request Element

Defines a request which is sent to the API.

Task Element

Defines the task element which is part of arequest.

View Element

Defines the scale of a search (inquire) request.

Where Element

Contains the search criteria for a search.

Order Element

Defines the sort order of the search result.

SimpleObject Element

Represents a simple object.

OperatorType Enum

Defines the supported comparison operators.

OrderType Enum

Defines the possible sort order.

Response - Elements and Structure

Response Element

The answer which is sent from the API.

Result Element

Defines the structure of the result of an answer.

Status Element

Defines the status of a request.

Message Element

Merges different values into one message.

Data Element

Element which collects a list of strings.