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The CancelationCreate task creates a domain cancelation.


The keyword description of the domain element can be found on the Cancelation Object page.
The  description of the cancelation status can be found on CancelationStatusConstants page.

Route: POST /domain/{name}/cancelation

   "domain": "",
   "disconnect": false,
   "type": "DELETE",
   "execution": "EXPIRE"
    "stid": "20190701-app3-dev-9689",
    "messages": [
            "text": "The task will be executed at domain expiration.",
            "code": "MSG010315",
            "status": "NOTICE"
    "status": {
        "code": "S0103101",
        "text": "Domain cancelation has been created successfully.",
        "type": "SUCCESS"
    "object": {
        "type": "DomainCancelation",
        "value": ""
    "data": [
            "created": "2019-07-01T10:44:26.000+0200",
            "updated": "2019-07-01T10:44:26.000+0200",
            "owner": {
                "context": 4,
                "user": "exampleuser"
            "updater": {
                "context": 4,
                "user": "exampleuser"
            "domain": "",
            "registryWhen": "2019-08-17T14:27:31.000+0200",
            "disconnect": false,
            "logId": 245139,
            "type": "DELETE",
            "execution": "EXPIRE"

Task code: 0103101
Uses Cancelation object.

				<changed>2018-02-13 15:19:45</changed>
				<registry_when_date>2018-02-13 15:19:44</registry_when_date>
				<created>2018-02-13 15:19:44</created>
			<text>Domain deletion has been started successfully.</text>

Possible Error Messages

  • EF01030 An identical task is already being processed.
  • EF0103101 For this domain a cancelation request already exists.
  • EF0103106 Cancelation request type is missing.
  • EF01132 A renew request is currently processed..
  • EF01133 A restore request is currently in process.
  • MSG010311 The cancelation period was not kept. Execution is scheduled for the next period.
  • MSG010313 The specified execution date is not possible for this domain. It will be executed on expiration.
  • MSG010314 The domain will be returned to the registry (TRANSIT).
  • MSG010317 The domain can now be transferred away from the current registrar for the next 30 days (PREACK).