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The CertAuthentication object manages the authentication data for a certificate order. Depending on the method, different data is displayed or required.

  • Authentication data depends on the method.
  • The automatic zone provisioning only works if the zone is managed by InterNetX and is editable.
  • As parent tag  <authentication> is used.


Keyword JSONKeyword XMLOccursTypeFormatDescription
approverEmailsapprover_email0 - nstringEmailPossible approver emails
dnsdns0 - 1string
A zone record as a string
fileContentfile_content0 - 1string
The file content
fileNamefile_name0 - 1string
The file name
methodmethod1enumAuthMethodThe authentication method
provisioningprovisioning0 - 1boolean

Automatic zone provisioning for DNS validation

0 = off
1 = on

Default value = 0