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The Certificate Object represents all the information in a certificate. It is used for most functions in the SSL Manager API and is the most important core element of the API.

The creation date (created) is always set to the start of the day.
Example: 2017-01-01 13:59:27 is set to 2017-01-01 00:00:00

The expiration date (expire) is always set to the end of the day.
Example: 2017-01-01 13:59:27 is set to 2017-01-01 23:59:59


Keyword JSONKeyword XMLOccursTypeFormatDescription
adminContactadmin1objectSSLContactThe administrative contact
authenticationauthentication0 - 1objectCertAuthenticationThe authentication of the certificate
certificateTransparencycertificate_transparency0 - 1boolean
Activates the certificate transparency for a certificate. Default is "True".
certificateTransparencyPrivacycertificate_transparency_privacy0 - 1enumCertificateTransparencyPrivacyThe privacy settings for certificate transparency. Default is "Redacted".
certificationAuthoritycertification_authority0 - nobjectCaCertificateThe intermediates for the certificate
User defined field. Can only be updated in JSON via PUT /certificate/{id}/_comment. The corresponding ACLs are required for this.
createdcreated0 - 1stringdate

The date on which the object was created.

The creation date is always set to the beginning of the day. Example : 2017-01-01 13:59:27 becomes 2017-01-01 00:00:00


CSR - Key (Certificate Signing Request)

The domain, the certificate belongs to
expireexpire0 - 1stringdateThe date on which the certificate expires
extensionextension0 - 1objectExtendedValidationAddonAdditional validation data. Only certain Comodo products require this
firstnamefirstname0 - 1string
First Name. Only for S/MIME!
hasCsrhas_csr0 - 1boolean
States if a self created CSR is to be used for S/MIME. Default is false. Only for S/MIME!
historieshistories0 - 1object
Certificate history (old versions)
idid1integerInt32The unique certificate ID
lastnamelastname0 - 1string
Last Name. Only for S/MIME!
lifetimelifetime1integerInt32The certificate term in months
The name of the certificate
The unique certificate order number
organizationUnitNameorganization_unit_name0 - 1string
Department name. Only for S/MIME!
ownerowner0 - 1objectUserThe owner of the certificate in the system
passwordpassword0 - 1string
The password that is to be used for the certificate download. Only for S/MIME!

Defines the different certificate products.

serialNumberserial_number0 - 1string
Serial number of the certificate
serverserver0 - 1string
The certificate

The signature hash algorithm which was used.

softwaresoftware1enumServerSoftwareTypeThe webserver software in use
subjectAlternativeNamesubject_alternative_name0 - nobjectSubjectAlternativeNameSubject Alternative Name ( SAN )
technicalContacttechnical1objectSSLContactThe technical contact
updatedupdated0 - 1stringdateThe date on which the object was last updated
updaterupdater0 - 1objectUserThe user who last updated the certificate in the system

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