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The DomainCreate task registers a domain.
In contrast to DomainCreate, DomainCreatePlus allows you to enter the data of a domain contact (handle). The domain contact is then created automatically. If a contact already exists with this data, no new one is created, but the existing one is used.

The DomainCreatePlus task is currently not supported for JSON.


The keywords for the domain element are described on the Domain object page.
The keywords for the domain contact elements (ownerc, adminc, techc, zonec) for the DomainCreatePlus task are described on the Contact page.

Route: POST /domain

   "name": "",
   "ownerc": {
      "id": 23142212
   "adminc": {
      "id": 23142212
   "techc": {
      "id": 23142212
   "confirmOrder": false,
   "nameServers": [
         "name": ""
         "name": ""
    "stid": "20190628-app2-dev-23512",
    "status": {
        "code": "N0101",
        "text": "Domain registration was started successfully.",
        "type": "NOTIFY"
    "object": {
        "type": "Domain",
        "value": ""
    "data": [
            "created": "2019-06-28T15:12:48.000+0200",
            "updated": "2019-06-28T15:12:47.000+0200",
            "owner": {
                "context": 4,
                "user": "exampleuser"
            "updater": {
                "context": 4,
                "user": "exampleuser"
            "status": "RUNNING",
            "execution": "2019-06-28T15:12:46.000+0200",
            "id": 4297540445

Task code: 0101
Uses Domain object

Example for Domain Create

			<text>Whois query: TIMEOUT (Whois-based checks without warranty.</text>
			<text>Domain registration was started successfully.</text>

Possible Error Messages

  • EF01010 - Invalid ZoneC.
  • EF010101 - Language-Tag invalid.
  • EF010102 - "Description" not allowed! Use owner-c instead.
  • EF010103 - The domain can be registered via the drop zone only.
  • EF010104 - An ownerchange with different contact types (PERSON, ORG) is not possible. Please contact our support.
  • EF01011 - Invalid Nameserver.
  • EF010110 - This TLD cannot be registered at this time.
  • EF01012 - This domain does not exist.
  • EF01013 - The domain already exists.
  • EF01014 - Nameserver has been entered twice
  • EF01015 - Invalid AuthInfo.
  • EF01016 - Invalid registration period.
  • EF01017 - Invalid OwnerC.
  • EF01018 - Invalid BillingC.