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The DomainRenew task prolongates the registration period of a domain.


Route: PUT /domain/{name}/_renew

The "messages" element is only returned if there was a cancelation order.

    "stid": "20190701-app2-dev-13910",
    "status": {
        "code": "N0101003",
        "text": "Domain renew has been started successfully.",
        "type": "NOTIFY"
    "object": {
        "type": "Domain",
        "value": ""
	"messages": [
			"text": "The existing cancelation request was cancelled.",
			"code": "MSG01046",
			"status": "NOTICE"
    "data": [
            "created": "2019-07-01T10:16:09.000+0200",
            "updated": "2019-07-01T10:16:08.000+0200",
            "owner": {
                "context": 4,
                "user": "exampleuser"
            "updater": {
                "context": 4,
                "user": "exampleuser"
            "status": "RUNNING",
            "execution": "2019-07-01T10:16:08.000+0200",
            "id": 4297543152

Task Code: 0101003
Uses Domain Object

The <msg> element is only returned if there was a cancellation order.

			<text>The existing cancelation request was cancelled.</text>
			<text>Domain renew has been started successfully.</text>

Possible Error Messages

  • EF0103120 The domain has not yet been billed.
  • EF01084 Payable date does not match.
  • EF0072003 The registry does not support this operation.
  • EF010871 Renew of the current registration period is not possible at this time.
  • EF01016 Invalid registration period.
  • EF0103101 For this domain a cancelation request already exists.
  • EF0103103 For this domain no cancelation request exists.
  • EF01030 An identical task is already being processed.
  • EF06002 Object could not be found in the DomainSafe.