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The DomainCancelation object represents the cancelation of domains.


Keyword JSONKeyword XMLOccursTypeFormatDescription
domaindomain1stringdomainDomain to be cancelled.
typetype1enum CancelationTypeType of cancelation
executionexecdate0 - 1enumExecutionTypeTime at which the domain is to be canceled.

gaining_registrar0 - 1 string

The registrar to which the domain is to be transferred. Only possible with preack, for which it is required.

  • accept_all = All registrars are accepted
  • Designated registrar (e.g. DENIC-104).
    Ask the registry for the provider ID of your reseller. The transfer is then only possible to the selected registrar.
disconnectdisconnect0 - 1 boolean

Specifies whether the domain is disconnected during a transit. Only possible with transit, for which it is necessary.

  • 0 = No disconnection
  • 1 = Disconnection

Default value = 0

objectCancelationStatusConstantsStatus of the cancelation request
registryWhenregistry_when_date0 - 1stringdate-timeThe date on which the registry should perform the provided function.
logidlog_id0 - 1integer64
Log-id for a transfer
createdcreated0 - 1stringdate-timeRegistration date of the domain
updatedupdated1stringdate-timeDate of last update

Basic User

User who performed the update.
0 - 1objectBasic UserThe owner of the object.
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