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The NameServer object represents a name server.


Keyword JSONKexword XMLOccursTypeFormatDescription


0 - 1integerint64TTL of th nameservers in seconds


1stringhostnameNameservers name as FQDN


0 - n*)stringipv6

IPv6 address of the name server. For GLUE records only, optional.

The IPv6 address for the name server can only be specified if the IPv4 address is also specified.

ip0 - n*)stringipv4
IPv4-Adresse des Nameservers. Nur für GLUE -Records, dort aber verpflichtend.

A GLUE record exists if the name server ends on the domain name. In this case, an IPv4 address must be stored for each GLUE record.
Please note that for some registries, all GLUE name servers are removed from the order at DomainCreate, because they require registered domains for the creation of name servers. In this case you have to create the GLUE name servers via a DomainUpdate order after the registration.

0 - nstringipv4 / ipv6

IPv4 and IPv6 addresses of the name server. For GLUE records only; optional.

The values for the IP addresses are only relevant for domain operations and are only used there in the case of glue name servers.

*) Depends on the registry