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The SpamPolicy object represents the policy for handling spam.


Keywords JSONKeywords XMLOccursTypeFormatDescription
modifySubjectmodify_subject0 - 1boolean

Setting for the flag in the subject:

  • 0 = The emails should not be marked in the subject
  • 1 = The emails should receive the label in the subject.

Default= 0

tagHeadertag_header0 - 1numberdouble

Enter a score. If an incoming email reaches this value, the email will be marked as spam in the header. (Header X-Spam Status and X-Spam Level).

Value between -999 and 1

Minimum: -999.9
Maximum: 999.9

spamspam0 - 1numberdouble

Enter a score from which an email should be classified as spam. The header X-Spam-Flag will be added to emails that reach this score.

Minimum: -999.9
Maximum: 999.9

killkill0 - 1numberdouble

Enter a score above which the action selected under "Spam filter" should be performed for emails and the email should be quarantined if configured.

Minimum: -999.9
Maximum: 999.9

Note that the value of the kill score must be higher than the spam score.

quarantineDigestIntervallquarantine_digest_interval0 - 1integer

Specify how long an email should be kept in quarantine.

  • Time unit: minutes
  • Default: 1440 min
  • Minimum: 1440 min


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