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Depending on the task only synchronous notifications are sent or, if part of the processing is done outside AutoDNS, synchronous and asynchronous notifications are sent.

When are synchronous notifications sent?

For all jobs, synchronous notifications are sent immediately from the system to the requestor. They provide information about the status of the order, whether it was successfully executed (S = Success) or failed (E=Error). The latter including a system message "EF", which names the error that occurred.
For tasks with processing steps outside AutoDNS, a "Notification" (N) is returned immediately. It informs whether the job could be started successfully or not and contains hints whether further asynchronous notifications are to be expected in the course of the processing. For EPP, for example, this is the status "pending".

When are asynchronous notifications sent?

For orders with external processing

When parts of the processing of a job take place outside of AutoDNS, notifications are sent with a time delay at certain processing steps.

For external triggers

Certain operations outside of AutoDNS trigger notifications to be sent to the owner of the object.
These operations are outgoing transfers (TransferOut), automatic updates of domain data at the registry after a transfer (AutoUpdate) and the validation of the domain owner (OwnerC ).