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The system responses contain information about the status of the request in the tag <status>  or "status": .

Status Codes and Error Codes. What is the difference?

Status codes always start with an S, E or N and describe the status of the job. Error messages start with an EF and describe the error that occurred.

Meaning of Status Types and Status Codes

TypeExample CodeMeaning
successS400101S (Success) = Order was successfully accepted.
errorE400101E (Error) = An error has occurred.

N (Notification) = For some types of jobs, instead of a "Success" or "Error" message, you will first receive a "Notification" message.

This means that the request has been accepted and is processed asynchronously. When the job has been completely processed, the user is informed of the final status by an asynchronous notification via email, polling or push.

Example for a status block in XML

            <text>The domain registration was started successfully.</text>

Example for a status block in JSON

Default Response
    "status": {
        "resultCode": "S0301",
        "text": "Domain contact has been successfully created.",
        "type": "SUCCESS"