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Organization type for contacts domains.
For the subdomains, and the selection of the UK type is mandatory. The UK type is not mandatory for and If you want Whois privacy, select the UK type IND or FIND. For further details see

Possible Values

  • LTD = UK Limited Company
  • PLC = UK Public Limited Company
  • PTNR = UK Partnership
  • STRA = UK Sole Trader
  • LLP = UK Limited Liability Partnership
  • IP = UK Industrial/Provident Registered Company
  • IND = UK Individual (representing self)
  • SCH = UK School* RCHAR = UK Registered Charity
  • GOV = UK Government Body
  • CRC = UK Corporation by Royal Charter
  • STAT = UK Statutory Body
  • OTHER = UK Entity that does not fit into any of the above (e.g. clubs, associations, many universities)
  • FIND = Non-UK Individual (representing self)
  • FCORP = Non-UK Corporation
  • FOTHER = Non-UK Entity that does not fit into any of the above (e.g. charities, schools, clubs, associations)