The integration of SedoMLS Premium at InterNetX significantly shortens the process of selling domains through SedoMLS. 

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Integration of SedoMLS Premium at InterNetX

In order for AutoDNS users to use this service, they need to specify all users for whom this service should be activated in an additional agreement. You can add yourself as a user and enjoy all the advantages of SedoMLS Premium. 

Order Form SedoMLS Premium

Advantages of using SedoMLS Premium 

SedoMLS Premium greatly simplifies the selling process. The domain enquiry that displays the results whether a domain is for sale is now fully automated. 

This way, more domains can be sold in less time. In addition, the number of sold hosting services and the provision paid by SedoMLS for every sold domain grows. You can list your entire domain portfolio on SedoMLS Premium and potentially gain millions of buyers worldwide. 

Key points of SedoMLS Premium 

  • SedoMLS Premium can only be activated for AutoDNS users of InterNetX resellers.
  • To activate the service, the resellers must sign the additional agreement “Activation for Transfer - Order” and send it to InterNetX by regular mail. This agreement must list all users for which the use of SedoMLS should be activated. If SedoMLS should be activated for subusers, these must be stated explicitly.
  • After InterNetX has received this additional agreement, the entire domain portfolio of each user will be available for sale within 24 hours. 
  • The AutoDNS users can now offer their domains for sale in the SedoMLS web interface with the SedoMLS Premium function.

The SedoMLS Premium functions, e.g. Direct Transfer, can only be used for the domains that are activated there.  Get more information about SedoMLS here:

Following actions must always be carried out in order to use SedoMLS Premium:

  • The activation of SedoMLS Premium for the users by InterNetX.
  • The activation of the domains at SedoMLS Premium by the user.

The steps required to carry out these actions are described below.

Activate SedoMLS Premium for AutoDNS users

  • The reseller orders the SedoMLS additional agreement “Activation for Transfer - Order” from the InterNetX Sales Department.
  • InterNetX sends the additional agreement “Activation for Transfer - Order” to the reseller.
  • The InterNetX Reseller enters all AutoDNS users that they want to activate (including themself if desired). He signs the additional agreement and sends it via regular mail to InterNetX. Subusers of the listed users will not automatically be activated. These users will have to be name specifically in the additional agreement.
  • InterNetX activates the entire domain portfolio of the users listed in the additional agreement for SedoMLS Premium.
  • The reseller will then receive a confirmation email from InterNetX confirming the activation of the submitted users.
  • The domain portfolios of all AutoDNS users specified in the additional agreement will be activated within 24 hours. 

Activate Domains for SedoMLS Premium 

After the activation of a user account for SedoMLS Premium, the user can offer selected or even all of his domains via SedoMLS Premium. The user has to have previously entered his domains  in SedoMLS Premium.  

  1. Select the option My Sedo.
  2. Click on Domain Management. An overview over the domains at SedoMLS is displayed. 

  3. Select domains by clicking the check boxes in front of the domain name.
  4. Click on the button ActivateSedoMLS Premium

    An overview is displayed, showing only the selected domains. 

  5. Select InterNetX in the column Registrar. For those domains for which InterNetX has not been selected as Registrar the column SedoMLS Premium Status will show Please select Registrar.

  6. Select the entry Buy Now  in the column Make Offer. The option asking price does not allow the domain to be sold via SedoMLS Premium. 
  7. Enter the selling price in the price field. 

    Sedo does not allow some TLDs to be sold via its SedoMLS Premium service. With these TLDs the column SedoMLS Premium Status will show the message TLD not supported by SedoMLS

  8. Activate the check box I confirm to have read the terms and conditions of SedoMLS Premium. Click on the link SedoMLS Premium terms and conditions to read the terms and conditions. Click on the button Activate SedoMLS Premium.  

The domains will be activated for SedoMLS Premium after a few minutes. The column SedoMLS Premium will display Waiting for approval for 2 minutes.  

When the domain is approved for SedoMLS Premium, its status will change to SedoMLS Active

If the status remains on Waiting for approval, the signed additional agreement has not yet reached InterNetX and the specified user has thus not yet been approved for SedoMLS Premium.  

Sedo will immediately be notified when a domain has been bought via SedoMLS Premium. After the payment, the domain will directly be transferred to the new owner. 

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