On this page you will find the AutoDNS changelog for 2016.

Table of Contents

XML Interface (API), User Interface

New ICANN Ownerchange Procedure for gTLDs and new gTLDs from 12-07-2016

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has introduced a new mandatory owner change procedure which will  be put into action on December 7, 2016. 
As always, we have focused on keeping modifications on existing processes to a minimum for you.

The following request types and updates are affected:
- Updates of domains with a new owner contact (Domain Update)
- Updates of existing contacts if the name, the organization or the email address change (Domain Contact Update)
- Incoming domain transfers, if the name, the organization or the email address change (Domain Transfer)

In the future, when issuing a relevant request, you must explicitly confirm that the changes being made are on behalf of the domain registrant.  This mandatory change of confirmation affects both the user interface and XML API.
To confirm modifications for a domain update, transfer (single or bulk) or a contact update in the user interface, you need to select  the new checkbox (“I hereby confirm the changes on behalf of the domain owner"). This only applies for gTLDs and new gTLDs.
Please be aware that this change will affect your current implementation of the XML API. Set the corresponding key (<confirm_owner_consent>1<confirm_owner_consent>) for the XML API to confirm  that the request is being made on behalf of the domain registrant.
The respective XML templates can be found here:


As soon as the changes have been made to the registrant data, the old and new registrant will automatically be informed via email. An additional confirmation of the registrant is not needed. The sender name of the email that is sent to the registrant can be configured similarly to the IRTP-process in your user profile. 
After an owner change of a gTLD domain, the domain is automatically locked against outgoing transfers if it was not locked beforehand. This transfer lock can be removed by starting a domain status update request.

User Interface

Done quick: Send AuthInfo to OwnerC

The AuthInfo for the domain transfer can be sent to the registrant by clicking on the button "Send AuthInfo to OwnerC" once within the domain update form.

User Interface

New OnPage Analysis

The OnPage Analysis checks single URLs for essential quality factors and displays the results in easy to read checklists. The websites are inspected in detail in realtime. The OnPage Analysis can be found under "SEO Tools".

User Interface

Typeahead Domain Search

The domain search function in the domain overviews now saves your most recent queries. By using the arrow keys on your keyboard, the recently entered domain names within the current session can be selected again.

User Interface

Simplified Search

The search function in the overviews now automatically stores the entered search term and makes it available in other overviews. For example: you search for a domain name in the "Domain Overview" and then need to make changes to your zone of the same name. The "Zone Overview" will automatically have the domain name that you've searched for set in the search field. You can also use the arrow keys to select older search terms. This function called "Save entered Search Terms across Overviews" can be activated in the "User Configuration Settings" within the "User Interface Settings".

User Interface

"Forgot your password?" function

Personal AutoDNS users can get a "Forgot your password" function activated on request now.

Please contact our support department at domains@internetx.com.

Important note: 
If the password recovery function is activated for your account, please keep in mind that password updates will remove the lock on the locked user account. Please disable the ACL User Inquire and Web-Login in the ACL Management to prevent this.

User Interface

New changelog widget

The new widget displays announcements and the latest changes on the start page.

XML Interface (API)

Improvement of the domain pricelist

The pricelist in the customer center now displays current price for all TLDs.

TLD Policies

.IT Domain contacts

.it domain contact extensions may not be changed

TLD Policies

TLDs which are no longer available

The following TLDs can no longer be ordered and transferred:



NodeSecure zones are separately shown in the .CSV list that accompanies the invoice.

User Interface

Zone Update Wizard

Improvement of the bulk function of the DNS wizard. Search by wildcard can now be used when removing resource records.

User Interface


The overview Domain Management offers a new column "SSL" that shows an SSL certificate for the domain is present at InterNetX.

User Interface

Improved input validation for CNAMEs

When using the www-include function, an already existing

www subdomain will not be created when adding a new CNAME.