On this page you will find the SSL Manager changelog for 2017.

Table of Contents

General, XML Interface (API), TLD Policies, User Interface

New InterNetX Help Center

InterNetX now offers a new Help Center.
Important information and documentation on Domain, SSL & S/MIME and our APIs will be available there.
The contents are continuously being expanded.


General, XML Interface (API), User Interface/Functions

Selectable certificate transperancy

Effective immediately, a certificate tranparency option is avilable when ordering, renewing or reissuing certificates. In its default state, the certificate transparency option is always activated. You may deactivate this as needed at any time if so desired.

General, XML Interface (API)

Thawte SSL123 Wildcard now available

With the Thawte SSL123 Wildcard certificate we are able to offer you an inexpensive
domain validated certificate that can be verified via email, DNS or file authentication. The price for the SSL
Wildcard certificate can be found in the price list within the SSL Manager below.

General, XML Interface (API), User Interface/Functions

Report for expiring certificates

A new report containing expiring certificates is available starting today. To activate the report, select
User Settings -> User Profile in the navigation menu and choose the tab labeled SSL certificates. Select
the type of report which you would like to receive and enter the email addresses of the recipients who are to
receive the reports. The report will contain ALL certificates that are in the SSL Manager account regardless
if they are from Symantec and Co., Basic SSL certificates or S/MIME certificates.
Please be aware that the reports are only sent to the recipient addresses that you have entered.

General, XML Interface (API), User Interface/Functions

Important change to DNS validation for SSL certificates

The DNS validation process for domain-validated certificates by Symantec/Thawte/GeoTrust will be revised from today on. Until now the CName for the domain had to be set in order to enable automatic SSL certificate issuance.
Now a TXT entry is necessary in order to complete the validation.

In case you use our name servers, no further steps are required. We have changed the system and will set all new entries automatically. There is no action required on your part. 

General, XML Interface (API), User Interface/Functions

New verification methods for domain validated certificates

Effective immediately, more verification methods are available for domain validated certificates.

The familiar DNS validation of the Basic-SSL certificates can now also be used for Thawte SSL123 certificates.
In addition, it is possible to order domain validated certificated with file authentication method.