On this page you will find the AutoDNS changelog for 2018.

Table of Contents

General, TLD Policies, User Interface

New! Dispute Alarm for .DE domains

.DE domains may bear a so called dispute entry that makes it impossible for the domain holder to transfer his .DE domain to a third party.
The new Dispute Alarm can help here.
Activate the Dispute Alarm in AutoDNS to receive an email report on a weekly basis about whether .DE domains in your portfolio bear a dispute entry and if so which domains are affected.
In addition, you will also be informed when the dispute entry has been removed.
The advantage: The Dispute Alarm allows you to react quickly and take the necessary steps to stop or initiate a domain sale or remove affected domains from your portfolio. 

The Dispute Alarm can be activated at "Optional Services" in our Webinterface.

General, TLD Policies

New Whois Data Escrow Agent

All ICANN-accredited registrars are obliged to hold domain name data they manage in a secure escrow environment.
This ensures worldwide that a domain holder can prove his right to a domain, even if the responsible registrar no longer provides his services.
So far, there has been only one ICANN-designated Escrow Agent (DEA) that is based in the USA. Within the framework of an international tender, InterNetX actively supported the application of the Germany-based (Frankfurt a. M.) DENIC eG to be admitted as an additional "Designated Escrow Agent" (DEA) for ICANN-accredited registrars.
In May 2018, ICANN officially approved DENIC eG as DEA. Switching to the new DEA required several legal and technical changes. This DEA change process has been successfully completed now.
From now on, InterNetX calls on the service of DENIC eG as new DEA. This enables us to carry out the compulsory protection of your business data in compliance with the European privacy policy without cutting back on data security – and without additional costs. 

General, XML Interface (API)


We are happy to provide you with the BETA version of our newly developed JSON API.
It allows you to smoothly carry out domain-relevant transactions such as orders for domains, zones, certificates or (SSL) contact orders in AutoDNS.
The main benefit: Thanks to the flexibility of the JSON format the API can easily be processed in many different programming languages.
Additional benefits:
• Easy implementation thanks to a predefined object structure
• API works according to the OpenAPI 2.0 specification
• No need to be activated separately

• Session based use
Info and support: Download the technical API documentation according to the OpenAPI standard on GitHub. You can also get further information on the JSON API in the InterNetX Help Center.
We appreciate your feedback: feedback-json@internetx.com

General, TLD Policies

Deletion of unused domain contacts

Starting December 2018, we will automatically delete all domain contacts that have not been actively used or updated in the last 180 days, in order to clean up unused person-related records.
Please note:
• If you use push-notification or polling, you will find information about the deletions
  that have been carried out in your queues.
• If you only use email notifications, you will receive no feedback about the deleted
You don't want unused domain contacts to be deleted? 
In this case, please contact our domain support before December 1, 2018 to suspend data deletion.

General, XML Interface (API), TLD Policies, User Interface

New Whois Privacy TLDs

The Whois Privacy Service is now available for the following TLDs:


General, XML Interface (API), TLD Policies, User Interface

New: Whois Privacy Plus

Whois Privacy replaces Whois data (name, address, phone and fax number, email address of the domain contact) with the data of our provider. Data is not transferred to the provider. Communication with the domain owner is only possible through a contact form. This service is free of charge.


Whois Privacy Plus provides an individual, randomly generated email address that allows a direct and anonymized communication with inquirers. This service will be free of charge until the renew of the domain. Starting with the first renew, Whois Privacy will be liable to costs on a yearly basis.✔ Direct approach via email
✔ Anonymized communication
✔ Email forwarding to existing email addresses, no extra login required
✔ Forwarded emails will not be stored by Whois Privacy Plus
✔ Domain portfolios cannot be searched via a reverse query
    of email addresses

✔ Free of charge until the first renew, then 3.99 €/year per domain

How Whois Privacy Plus works: All emails that are sent to the individual, randomly generated email address are automatically checked for viruses and spam and are forwarded to the domain owner. The domain owner, in turn, can reply anonymously – quite useful if e.g. the sale of the domain is to be negotiated.

Whois Privacy Plus is available for all TLDs that are supported by Whois Privacy.

General, XML Interface (API), TLD Policies, User Interface

NEU: Whois Opt-In

If you want to have data of gTLDs fully published in the Registrar Whois (RDDS), you can use the Whois Opt-in checkbox in the domain form.

General, User Interface

Use an individual SOA email address

Use an individual SOA email address
All important data for the zone management are stored in the SOA (Start of Authority) entry. Until now, the email address of the AutoDNS user has been stored as SOA contact. Now, we can offer you three variants of how to enter a SOA email contact.

1. Individual entry per zone
Now it's possible to supply an individual SOA email address for each zone.

2. Main entry in the user profile
There is also the possibility to store a central SOA email address in the user profile. This address will be used, if an individual SOA email address has not been stored in the zone.

3. Use of a dummy address
In case there is no central SOA email address either, a generic dummy address (do-not-reply@domainname.tld) will be set for each zone.

Handling tips
➔ The SOA email addresses are listed in the CSV inventory list for zone management. This allows you to see which email address is stored for the respective domain.

➔ Domains in your portfolio will not be automatically adjusted. You can use the Zone Update Wizard to comfortably carry out bulk changes of the SOA email addresses.

General, XML Interface (API), TLD Policies, User Interface

New Whois Privacy TLDs

The Whois Privacy Service is now available for the following TLDs:



General, XML Interface (API)

WHMCS Plugin Updates

New plugin versions for WHMCS 7.5.1 with PHP 7.1 and later are now available:

XML-Schnittstelle (API), User interface

Individual XML Price List available via API

The individual price list from the AutoDNS user interface is now available via REST-API.
This results in the following advantages for you:

- the retrieval of the Individual XML price list can be completely automated.
- the price list is individual and takes your agreed customer prices and discounts into account.
- the price list is updated once a day.
- it contains all TLDs.
- it contains TLD promotions incl. period of time.
- it contains all premium price classes.
- it contains all SSL certificates.

You can activate access to the individual XML price list as follows:
-> AutoDNS -> Customer Center -> Domain Price Lists -> Individual XML Price List

After you have entered the IP address of your server, you will receive your user name and password for retrieving the Individual XML Price List.

A documentation of the REST-API can be found in our Help Center:

General, XML Interface (API), TLD Policies, User Interface

New Whois Privacy TLDs

The Whois Privacy Service is now available for the following TLDs:


















General, User Interface

New: Premium Domain Market

Buy or register 31 million Premium Domains!

Never before, there has been such a big selection of Premium Domains and it’s never been easier to get hold of them. 

The new Premium Domain Market combines the proven Premium Management with the domain trading tool SedoMLS. The result is a highly efficient domain market place that allows you to securely carry out Premium Domain transactions in no time. 

Practical filter functions such as domain name, TLD, price or the length of a domain help you to find your individual choice of Premium Domains. With the new „Fast Transfer“ function you can integrate it quickly into your portfolio.

A transparent pricing for creates and renews makes it easy for you to plan your portfolio with a budget-oriented eye to the future. 

Tip: We recommend the use of our DomainSafe to protect your premium domains.

Use the new Premium Domain Market and benefit from a secure domain trading platform with a huge domain volume of currently 23 million sough-after Premium Domains.