On this page you will find the AutoDNS changelog for 2019.

Table of Contents

General, TLD Policies, User Interface

New sales channels with Whois Pro for .DE domains

The new Whois info page "Whois Pro" offers AutoDNS users the possibility to use the Whois for their own provider branding through individual settings (URL, logo). This has become possible thanks to new DENIC Whois specifications.
The advantage: In addition to a transparent publication of your contact data, the Whois Pro site offers additional free marketing channels.

You can find further information about Whois Pro in our Help Centerhttps://help.internetx.com/x/zJCUAQ

General, TLD Policies, User Interface

DENIC: Changed Whois Requirements

The specification of four contacts (OwnerC, AdminC, TechC, ZoneC) for the registration of .DE domains has been changed with the recent introduction of the RRI 3.0 protocol:
- From now on only the specification of the OwnerC contact is required. AdminC, TechC and ZoneC can still be submitted to us as usual. An adaptation of your existing API implementation is therefore not necessary.
- It is no longer necessary to provide a German postal address, but must be able to provide one upon DENIC's request.
- There is a new "General Request Contact" and an "Abuse Contact".

For these contacts, we now offer you the customizable Whois Pro Service.

-> New sales channels with Whois Pro for .DE domains (see next article)

General, TLD Policies, User Interface

New gTLD available - .new

From now on the TLD .new is eligible for registration:
Sunrise Phase 15.10.2019 - 14.01.2020
Limited Registration Period 14.01.2020 - 14.07.2020
Live Phase 21.07.2020

General, TLD Policies, User Interface

New gTLD available - .bond

From now on the TLD .bond is eligible for registration:
Sunrise Phase 17.10. - 18.11.2019
Early Access Program 19.11. - 25.11.2019
Live Phase 26.11.2019

General, TLD Policies, User Interface

New gTLD available - .madrid

From now on the TLD .madrid is eligible for registration:
Sunrise Phase 16.07.2019 - 10.12.2019
Live Phase 17.12.2019 from 12:00 Uhr(MEZ)


Smart domain query with Alexa Skill

Quickly check if a domain is still available, find out which TLD belongs to which country, quickly get information about the registration conditions of individual TLDs - with AutoDNS Domaincheck, our free Alexa Skill, it's easy

And there's more:
- Domain value estimation
- alternative domain proposals
- Checking for Premium Domains

The AutoDNS Domaincheck Alexa Skill is available free of charge at: https://www.amazon.de/InterNetX-GmbH-AutoDNS-Domaincheck/dp/B07PSBVD35/

General, User Interface

​New AutoDNS Domain Platform

Many of our customers are already intensively testing the new AutoDNS domain platform.  Every tip for optimization helps us to improve tools and usability. 

Become a beta tester too! 

Standard AutoDNScloud.autodns.com 
Personal & Registrar AutoDNS:  [CONTEXT].cloud.autodns.com 
We are happy to receive your feedback!

General, XML Interface (API), TLD Policies, User Interface

Deletion of domain contacts in AutoDNS

Starting August 2018, we will automatically delete all domain contacts that have not been actively used or updated in the last 180 days, in order to clean up AutoDNS from unused person-related records.
Activate "Purge Notification"
In order to keep you updated about the deletions, we have implemented the option "Purge Notification" in AutoDNS. You can activate that option in your AutoDNS user profile under "API Settings". This way you will be informed by email, push or poll notification about the deletions of unused objects. The notifications contain information such as [The contact has been deleted because it is not in use.].
Important: If "Purge Notification" has not been activated, there will be no feedback about the deletion.
If you have any questions, please contact domains@internetx.com

General, XML Interface (API), User Interface

​New Push Notification

From now on, in addition to e-mail and polling, replies from AutoDNS orders can also be delivered via push notification.

Notifications are sent to a URL you specify using a push method (http or HTTPS POST).
Notifications that arrive via HTTPS POST must be received and evaluated independently.

If notifications cannot be delivered within 24 hours by push, we will send them to the reply_to e-mail address specified in the order.

You can activate the push procedure under "User Configuration" -> "User profile" in the "API Settings" tab.

You can find more information about implementing the push notification on your local server here:

General, XML Interface (API), User Interface

​WHMCS Plugin Update

Our WHMCS plugin for domains and SSL certificates is now compatible with WHMCS 7.7.1.
The download including changelog is available in our Help Center: