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InterNetX offers a broad portfolio of server solutions - from cloud servers as flexible starter solutions, dedicated servers to complex project solutions in the high-performance area. This article gives you a first overview for which use cases the server types are recommended.

Table of Contents

Standard server

All of our standard servers are based on the same technology, which allows easy upgrading to dedicated and more powerful variants, thus ensuring long-term scalability.

Cloud server

Guaranteed resources with maximum flexibility. Monthly cancellable, no setup fee.

What are cloud servers?

Cloud servers are virtualized servers (KVM) with dedicated resources that are flexibly scalable, hosted on the InterNetX Public Cloud.
Details and features can be found in the Cloud Server section

The cloud server is recommended

  • for web projects, with little or short-term resource requirements
  • for projects that are continuously growing, as resources can be increased later on
  • for providers of webspace with shared IP address
  • for projects with a short runtime, because the servers do not have a minimum runtime
  • when the servers are needed quickly, as the servers are available within minutes
  • as a test for the InterNetX service and the compatibility of own applications, if Bare Metal Server or Reseller Cloud are planned
Ideal as an entry point and for web projects with growth potential.

Bare Metal Server

Dedicated hardware for the highest demands and the certain flexibility for individuality

What are Bare Metal Servers?

The Bare Metal Server is a dedicated server with a virtual instance (KVM) that combines the advantages of both worlds:

  • powerful, dedicated hardware that is used exclusively (no shared system)
  • flexible scalability without costly migration, through cloud technology
  • easy backup through snapshots

Details and features can be found in the Bare Metal section 

The Bare Metal Server is recommended

  • for resource-intensive projects,
  • for projects that are vulnerable to 'Noisy Neighbours
  • for projects with expected growth
  • for database-oriented applications
Ideal for projects with increased resource requirements and growth potential

Reseller Cloud

Dedicated hardware resources for our own and individual cloud products.

What is a Reseller Cloud?

Like the Bare Metal Server, the Reseller Cloud is a dedicated server that is virtualized (KVM). With the one-click interface, multiple individual instances can be created.

Detailed information can be found in the Reseller Cloud section

The Reseller Cloud is recommended

  • for providers of hosting products who offer their own cloud servers (dedicated IP addresses, IP allocation according to RIPE guidelines)
  • for providers who are looking for a white label solution
  • for agencies that manage a large number of clients
  • when your customers need flexibly adaptable resources, e.g. for special promotions or seasonal fluctuations
  • if parts of the private cloud, e.g. development systems, should not be publicly accessible (own VLAN and internal network /24)
  • if your customers want different operating systems or admin panels
  • if you use your own ISOs
Your dedicated private cloud with easy resource management via our ISAC portal

Individual server solutions

Dedicated servers

Individually configured and therefore suitable for your specific requirements. Please send your desired resources and specifications to

Dedicated servers are recommended

  • for individual resource requirements
  • for applications that are not suitable for virtualization
  • for dedicated backup servers
Our technical contacts are available to advise on the selection of resources.

Project solutions

For complex projects, where one server is not sufficient, InterNetX develops an individual concept tailored to your needs.

Project solutions are recommended

  • for complex projects where separate servers are used for the individual applications (e.g. web and database servers)
  • if the infrastructure is set up redundantly and fail-over scenarios are planned
  • for highly available (HA) applications
  • for complex storage and database solutions
  • for projects with the latest technologies, such as Kubernetes (K8S), Ceph etc.
For a quotation please send a first short description of the project to

Housing / Colocation

A secure home for your servers in the InterNetX Tier 3 data center, which is certified according to ISO 27001.

Details can be found in the Colocation/Housing section

Housing is suitable

  • if you already own servers and the infrastructure must meet a high security standard, GDPR conformity or ISO certification
  • when you need a highly available network infrastructure, power supply and carrier connection

Managed service

In the Managed Service the system is pre-optimized by InterNetX, e.g. with a firewall according to best practice rules or an adapted MySQL configuration. You can find a detailed overview under Services in Managed Service.

Managed Service is recommended

  • For standard applications that are easily integrated via Plesk, such as mail and web services
  • to relieve the IT department of routine activities, such as updates
  • if you do not want to worry about technical details
  • if your pages should also be proactively suppressed - around the clock

Unmanaged systems are recommended

  • for individual applications, for which root rights are required
  • if the application is not compatible with Plesk, e.g. Java environments
  • with Windows, Ubuntu, Debian or ISO as operating system
  • if you work with Command Line Interface
  • when connecting the API (e.g. from Plesk or IX Server API)
Our support team will gladly check the compatibility in advance.