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The Plesk administration interface allows for easy management of web and mail services and for customer administration. It can be customized with numerous add-ons to meet your needs.

Plesk is already available free of charge with cloud servers.

Table of Contents

Plesk Editions

Plesk can be easily added when ordering servers and instances via ISAC and is available in the following basic versions:

Plesk WebPro Edition

  • up to 30 domains manageable
  • can be booked free of charge with Cloud Server (unmanaged)

Plesk WebHost Edition

  • up to an unlimited number of domains manageable
  • resellable
  • already included in the manged service (not resellable)

For a subsequent upgrade from WebPro to WebHost please contact us at: or

User manual

The Plesk User Guide with all detailed information can be found at

Information about the updates can be found at

Please note that different functions may be available depending on the version (e.g. Plesk Obsidian or Onyx), edition (WebPro or WebHost) and service booked (e.g. managed service or root rights).


As soon as a version reaches End-of-Life (EOL), it is no longer supplied with security updates from the manufacturer and no longer meets the current security standard.

We recommend keeping the system up to date with upgrades.

Current versions:

  • Plesk Obsidian
  • Plesk Onyx (= Plesk 17.5) Extended Support: 11.10.2020 (EOL: 20.4.2021)

Older versions:

  • Plesk 12 or Plesk12.5: EOL: 01.01.2019

Further information at:

For information on changes within the release, please refer to the Plesk Changelogs at

If updates are available within the version (e.g. 17.5 to 17.8), you will receive a message on your Plesk home page.

Manage Clients

Multiple customers on one server

With Plesk, one server or instance can be used for multiple customers. The customer assignment is done via so-called subscriptions.

You can assign one or more domains to the subscriptions and add customers who can log in with their own access data and who can manage themselves according to their assigned resources and assigned permissions, e.g. create mail accounts and websites.

For more details, see:

Customize the Plesk Administration interface to match your corporate identity.

Client Exclusive Server

If you offer virtual servers that are exclusively used by customers, we recommend the whitelabel-enabled Reseller Cloud: You can customize your ISAC account to your corporate identity and create customers to whom you assign the instance(s).

Add-on and extensions

Beyond the included scope, Plesk provides additional free and paid add-ons and expansion packs.

For technical details on the add-ons, please visit the official Plesk website

If you have booked a managed service, our support team will gladly check availability in advance.