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The S/MIME (short for Secure / Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) technology is used for this purpose. S/MIME provides message integrity and data protection through data encryption, while ensuring identity control through additional digital signatures. The S/MIME certificates can be issued with a digital ID for people and departments in a company for various levels of trust.


  • Protected email traffic: protection of email identity through encryption and digital signature, prevention of tampering
  • Secure authentication: through an online service via the built-in SSL VPN capability of the browse
  • Electronic signage of Office documents: An electronically signed document confirms the origin and notifies the recipient of any unauthorized changes
  • Cost-effective protection: Send unlimited number of encrypted and signed emails and documents with an email address
  • Easy implementation and practical use: Integrate PersonalSign certificates in a few steps and use them with a single click or fully automated

Mode of Operation

Digital certificates in the email communication ensure that the data is encrypted and thus transmitted confidentially. Small data files bind a cryptographic key digitally to the identity of a user and thus provide proof of the origin and the integrity of the transmitted message.

If the certificate is installed, the user can easily sign or encrypt an email with a single click. This can also be standardized so that all emails of the user are signed with the digital certificate without any further user input.

Overview of the available S/MIME Certificates (PersonalSign)

Certificate NameDigital ID for use

Level of trust

1=high, 3= highest

Digital ID proves right of ownership


Personal Sign 1

For general use1Email AddressBy email
Personal Sign 2Represents your own person2

Email Address

Identity assurance of the person

By email

Copy of the personal identification card

Personal Sign 2 Pro

For a person which represent an entire company


Email Address

Identity assurance of the person

Assurance of the existence of the organization

Via a call to the personnel department with a number from the phone book

Company Register is checked

Personal Sign 2 Department

For a department


Email Address

Assurance of the existence of the organization

By email

Company Register is checked

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