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GlobalSign's Document Signing Certificate is equivalent to a standard signature solution based on a USB token. GlobalSign is a member of the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL), which automatically classifies all signatures as trusted within Adobe® Acrobat® or Reader®.


The Document Signing Certificate from GlobalSign is a simple version based on a USB token. Since this USB token must be used every time and must be accessed with a password, this version is not designed for automation, larger quantities of signatures per session or use on hardware security modules (HSM). These would require special solutions, which we can offer you on request. The certificate can be ordered with a maximum duration of 3 years.


This solution is NOT an online signing service. The certificate is used on a USB token that must be used locally. It is also NOT a digital signature.

Feature Overview

Below is an overview of the features of the GlobalSign Document Singing Certificate:

  • USB token based solution, requires the password for each access.

    • Session time approx. 2 hours, depending on the system

  • Unlimited number of signatures, neither per session nor on the runtime there are restrictions

  • Compatible with e.g:

    • Adobe Sign

    • Microsoft Word

    • DocuSign

    • iText

    • ILovePDF

    • HelloSign

    • PDF Tools

    • SetaSign

    • Any other document management system supporting the AATL standard

  • eIDAS compatible - enables signing with an advanced signature according to eIDAS standard

  • Signatures are valid even after the certificate expires

    • For this purpose Long Term Validity must be set via the signature program

  • The certificate can be issued for organizations as well as for persons

    • During the ordering process, the entry in the Organization field determines whether a company or personal signature is created

  • The validation is done analogous to an OV TLS/SSL Certificate

  • The USB token is sent by GlobalSign, the price for this token is already included in the price of the certificate

    • Cancellation of the USB token from GlobalSign is not possible

  • The certificate is delivered via download, the corresponding link is sent to the owner via email

  • You can use your own USB token, it must meet the requirement FIPS 140 Level 2

  • Password for collecting the issued certificate must be specified when placing the order

    • For security reasons, a forgotten password will not be reset. In this case, the ordering process must be restarted.

  • Time stamp service is available free of charge

  • No activation code or similar is necessary, download link and password are sufficient

  • An own PrivateKey cannot be used with this certificate solution, here a special solution (like HSM etc.) would be necessary


To install the certificate on the supplied or existing USB token, the SafeNet Authentication Client is requiered.

Ordering a document signing certificate

You can find an overview of the individual steps required to use the Document Signing Certificate below:

  1. Orders are carried out via our systems

  2. Verification of the company takes place on the basis of the commercial register entry and a telephone call or written verification via email by GlobalSign

  3. The USB token is sent by a (local) service provider

  4. The email with download link is sent simultaneously

  5. After receipt of the USB token, the certificate is downloaded via the SafeNet Authentication Client with link and password

  6. After installation, the certificate is ready for use


The USB token is sent on behalf of GlobalSign by a service provider from the area. E.g. for Europe it is sent by a German provider. The initial password of the USB token is 0000. 
We recommend changing the password of the USB token by using SafeNet Authentication Client before installing the certificate.

General notes

As already mentioned in the feature overview, the GlobalSign Document Signing Certificate can be issued to a company as well as to a person.
Please note that the name entered here will later be the signature on the signed documents. Therefore please do not enter the name of the contact person for verification if the signature is meant to be the name of the company.
It is possible to submit an order for a Document Signing Certificate if the applicant is not a registered company.

An issuance for freelancers, lawyers/notaries or other companies not registered in the commercial register is based on the regular processes similar to OV TLS/SSL Certificates.
Instructions on how to use the included time stamp function are available at the GlobalSign Support Center.
If the USB token is shipped outside the EU, customs duties may be incurred under certain circumstances. These must be paid by the certificate holder.