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For an SSL order one or two contacts are required. A distinction must be made between an administrative and a technical contact.

Table of Contents

Administrative Contact

The administrative contact corresponds to the company / organization that the certificate will use.

Technical Contact

The technical contact can be a partner, a host or an agency. The same contact can also be entered here as for the administrative contact.
We recommend that you enter the person responsible in the company as the technical contact, because the technical contact, like the administrative contact, receives the emails from the CA that are sent when the certificate is issued or when a certificate is due for renewal. Otherwise, the technical contact is the contact person for technical problems.

Information when creating Contacts

You can create new contacts before the order process via the menu entry Create SSL Contact in the menu group Contact Management.

However, you can also create them during the ordering process. You will find the symbol to the right of the input field in the Contact section of the form.

The Role / Title* field must be filled in. You can freely select the entry, e.g. Mr, CEO, Admin.

The field Organization* must be filled in. Make sure that it is correct, because the company name entered here is transferred to the CA and forms the basis for verification. The company name in the CSR, on the other hand, is not transmitted.

The E-Mail* field must be completed. The CA sends all emails to this email address, e.g. when issuing a certificate, in the event of verification difficulties, or reminder emails if a certificate can be renewed.
For DV certificates only, the confirmation email will be sent to the confirmation email address to be deposited extra with the order.

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