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We place restrictions on the number of permitted Whois requests. If you would like to extend this limit, please contact our sales team ( In addition, the registries also restrict requests - the number of permitted requests therefore varies greatly from registry to registry.
When placing your order, you can choose a percentual threshold value for the Whois requests and set an email address. As soon as this Whois threshold value has been reached or respectively exceeded, you will be informed by email. This ensures that you can increase the Whois request limit in time if needed.
When implementing the Whois proxy, keep in mind the 3 queries per second per source IP restriction.

Specialties of the Whois Client for MacOS and certain Linux distributions

The MacOS Whois Client treats the queries differently, and certain Linux distributions may also be affected.

In some cases it is therefore necessary to enclose the query parameters in quotation marks:

Code Block
whois -h " +no_header"


The WhoisProxy can be reached via the hostname In the request the hostname is entered after "-h".