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Table of Contents

Contact Extensions

au / eligibilityIdint

The ID number for the policy reason field, if applicable. If unknown, use the same ID as the registrant ID.

au / eligibilityIdTypeEnum

Corresponds to the eligibility ID that you entered.

Possible Values :

  • ACN
  • ABN
  • VIC BN
  • NSW BN
  • SA BN
  • NT BN
  • WA BN
  • TAS BN
  • ACT BN
  • QLD BN
  • TM
au / eligibilityNameString

This field is usually optional. This depends on the chosen eligibility reason (Policy Reason). If unsure what to enter, use the same data as for the registrant.

au / eligibilityTypeEnum

Eligible organisation type of the registrant.

Possible values :

  • Company
  • Registered Business
  • Sole Trader
  • Partnership
  • Trademark Owner
  • Pending Tm Owner
  • Citizen Resident
  • Incorporated Association
  • Unincorporated Association
  • Club
  • Non Profit Organisation
  • Charity
  • Trade Union
  • Industry Body
  • Commercial Statutory Body
  • Political Party
  • Religious Church Groups
  • Other
au / registrantIdTypeEnumConcerns the registrant ID that you entered in the field registrant id. Possible Values: ACN / ABN / OTHERS
au / registrantIdintAustralian Business Number or Registered Business Number
au / policyReasonEnum

Reason for the eligibility.

Possible values:
1 =All SLDs
Domain name is exactly the same, an abbreviation or an acronym for the name of the domain registrant name or their trademark.

2 =,
For commercial use. Contains all companies which are registered or operate in Australia as well as products or services. For technical reasons please supply the Australian trademark name and in addition, the trademark number.

XML Example

Code Block
languagexml Contact Extensions
	<au:contact xmlns:au="urn:org:domainrobot:ns:contact:au-1.0">
        <au:eligibilityIdType>NSW BN</au:eligibilityIdType>