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Installing an S/MIME Certificate

By using the links listed below you will reach the visual instruction support site of GeoTrust. Simply follow the detailed steps in order to make the S/MIME certificate functional on your computer.
Please keep in mind that the steps must always be completed on the computer on which the S/MIME certificate will beused.

Step 1 - Certificate Download

For access, enter the password that you set during the order. Retrieving and installing is done with the help of a password. A new password must consist of at least 12 characters and may only contain letters and numbers.

Step 2 - Installing the certificate on the system

Choose your operating system (Windows, Linux, MacOS) and follow the steps.

Step 3 - Installing the certificate in the E-Mail client

On the above page you will find instructions to common E-Mail clients (Thunderbird and Outlook). In case that no instructions are available, please look for appropriate instructions on the support pages of the respective E-Mails client.

Deleting an S/MIME Certificate

In case you have ordered a S/MIME certificate incorrectly or have no further use for a S/MIME certificate, you can have it deleted within 7 days upon receiving the retrieval mail. The cancel procedure must be requested directly at GlobalSign( with the corresponding OrderID.

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