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Several Software Development Kit's (SDK's) are available for implementing the JSON API.

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Provision of the SDKs

The SDKs are provided as open source software on Github.

  • Feature requests, bugs and questions can be reported via Github with an issue in the respective repository.

  • Pull requests are explicitly welcome.

  • All SDKs have the same structure.

  • All SDKs are object-oriented and use automatically generated model classes based on the official Swagger documentation.


This Maven package is not available from known repositories. It must be manually installed into a local Maven repository. Instructions are included in the README file.



The Dart SDK can be obtained from the official package managers "Pub".

Since this SDK is written in pure Dart, it can be used on all platforms Dart is currently running on. This includes the use of frameworks like Flutter, Angular Dart and many others. This package can also be used for command line tools or rest services compiled with dart2native.



The Php SDK is available through Composer.



The Javascript SDK is provided via NPM.