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The S/MIME (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) technology secures your email correspondence through encryption and signing.

The asymmetrical encryption protects S/MIME emails against unwanted access, i.e. the reading and modification of the email content by third parties. The digital signature confirms the authorship of the email and notifies the recipient of any unauthorized changes, making it an effective means of detecting phishing emails.  

S/MIME certificates are cost-effective because an unlimited number of emails and documents can be sent preencrypted and signed within an email address.  They are easy to integrate and use.

Mode of Operation

Digitale Zertifikate binden einen kryptografischen Schlüssel digital an die Identität eines Benutzers und liefern so den Nachweis für den Ursprung und die Integrität der übermittelten Nachricht.
Ist das Zertifikat installiert, kann der Benutzer ausgewählte E-Mail ganz einfach mit einem Klick signieren oder verschlüsseln oder aber über die entsprechende Konfiguration automatisch alle E-Mails mit dem digitalen Zertifikat signieren und verschlüsseln. S/MIME wird von den meisten Mail-Clienten unterstützt (z. B. Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Lotus Notes und Mulberry Mail).

Overview of the available S/MIME Certificates (PersonalSign)

The S/MIME certificates are issued via a digital ID for persons and departments of a company.

Certificate NameDigital ID for Use

Level of Trust

1=high, 3= highest

Digital ID proves Right of Ownership


Personal Sign 1

For general use1Email addressBy email
Personal Sign 2Represents your own person2

Email address

Identity assurance of the person

By email

Copy of the personal identification card

Personal Sign 2 Pro

For a person which represent an entire company


Email address

Identity assurance of the person

Assurance of the existence of the organization

Via a call to the personnel department with a number from the phone book

Company Register is checked

Personal Sign 2 Department

For a department


Email address

Assurance of the existence of the organization

By email

Company Register is checked

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