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FAQ Questions

VERY IMPORTANT! When the certificate is installed for the first time, you must set the option that the private key can be exported. Otherwise, the certificate can not be used on additional devices.

Frequently asked questions

Where do the S/MIME certificates have to be installed?

The S/MIME certificates must be installed directly into the e-mail client. For instructions, see the SSL Manager Customer Center.

How is the encryption or signing of the e-mails carried out?

The signing and encryption of the e-mails can be permanently configured in the E-Mail client. Refer to the installation instructions or the E-Mail client support pages for instructions.

Can encryption always be used?

Only when the receiver has an S/MIME certificate in use can an encryption of the e-mails take place.

How does the exchange of keys take place?

To activate the encryption, a signed e-mail must first be sent to the recipient, who then also responds with a signed E-mail. Only then can both sides send encrypted e-mails to the other contact.

Is the exchange of keys a one-time event?

This procedure is necessary for all contacts if they are to be encrypted in the future. However, the key exchange occurs only once with each contact within the runtime of the certificate.

How can I see if an e-mail has been encrypted or signed?

In the E-mails, the header is displayed with symbols to indicate whether a signature or encryption is present. An envelope picture stands for signature and a lock for encryption of the e-mail. Depending on the client, the icons may look different. Clicking on one of the icons will give you detailed information about the certificate used and the owner.

When sending an encrypted mail I get the error message that the e-mail could not be sent. Why is this happening?

Either the key exchange has not yet been carried out or the contact does not insert an S/MIME certificate when sending a message.

The keys have been exchanged. However, the recipient can not read my mails. What is the cause of this problem?

Most likely an old or incorrect key is present. To fix this, delete the contact AND the stored certificate from your client and then re-create the contact. Thus the new key is stored and the sending of encrypted e-mails should now work again.

What happens after the term extension of an S/MIME certificate?

The new certificate must be re-imported into the client. Since a new key pair was generated after certificate issuance, it is imperative to carry out the exchange with the contacts again. Since the old key is no longer valid, no encrypted E-mails can be sent without a previous key exchange!

My certificate has expired. Can I still read encrypted e-mails?

Yes. At least if the key of the sender was stored while the S/MIME certificate was valid. With new contacts, of course, no exchange of the key can take place and therefore also no encrypted e-mail is accepted.

I do not have my S/MIME certificate anymore. What should I do?

If you do not have a backup of your certificate, the S/MIME certificate can be reissued again. After the reissue, the same procedure applies as after a renewal. We strongly recommend that you backup the certificate. You can also find backup instructions on the support pages of your E-mail client.

Where can I check if the certificate was installed correctly?

If the certificate was installed correctly, it is displayed in the browser's certificate directory. The S/MIME certificate must be located in the certificate folder "Personal" or "your certificates".

The certificate is in a different folder. What should I do?

The certificate was not installed with the private key. In this case, a reissue must be requested and the installation has to be restarted.

What should I do if the password for the download of the certificate has been forgotten?

In this case, the existing order must be canceled and replaced. Please contact support for assistance.

The issued certificate contains incorrect information. How can the information be changed?

Unfortunately, not at all. Once the order has been received by GlobalSign, the entered data can no longer be adjusted. The job has to be canceled and reset. Please contact our support.

Is it possible to use an S/MIME certificate on several computers - for example a workstation and a laptop?

Yes. The certificate can be used on several devices. To do this, the certificate must be exported and then imported on the other devices.

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