With the NameStudio™ API you receive suggestions for domain names according to various criteria. The NameStudio™ API is based on Versigns API.

Activating NameStudio™ API in AutoDNS

You can activate the NameStudio™ API via your AutoDNS account:  User Management / User Configuration / User Profile / API Settings / NameStudio™ API.

To activate click on the button "Activate NameStudio™ API". A confirmation window will open, in which you have to click on "Activate NameStudio™ API" again.

Access data is required here. Your AutoDNS access data is entered by default. You can also assign a new password (at least 6 characters).

Deleting the Activation

You can delete the activation for the NameStudio™ API in your user profile: User Management / User Configuration / User Profile / API Settings / NameStudio™ API

To delete your account click on the button "Delete NameStudio™ API Account". A confirmation window will open in which you have to enter your access data for NameStudio API™ and click "Delete NameStudio™ AP Account" again.



Different endpoints can be used instead of $endpoint.


Authentication is done via HTTP Basic-Auth.

HTTP Status Codes

HTTP StatusDescription
200 - OKEverything's ok.
400 - Bad RequestSomething went wrong. Check the <message> tagin the response.
401 - UnauthorizedAuthentication issues
403 - ForbiddenNo access to resource.
429 - Too Many RequestLimit reached. Limit is 60 request /s
500 - Internal Server ErrorInternal error. Please contact us and provide details of the query.
501 - Not ImplementedThe feature is not implemented
502 - Bad GatewayAPI server error. Please contact us and provide details of the query.


Response and request must be: application/json.


The request limit is 60 requests per second.


Endpoint "suggest" (main)


The suggest endpoint delivers a turn-key solution for generating relevant and effective suggestions for domain name queries. It combines keyword segmentation, related suggestions, creative, name-shortening suggestions and more.

Additionally, optional parameters can be used for further customization, such as specifying the inclusion or exclusion of numbers or hyphens, as well as the ability to enable or disable IDN results.

Allowed Keys

Endpoint "rank-tlds"


This endpoint ranks TLDs for a given input domain name based on relevance, popularity (based on TLD zone size) or geography.

Allowed Keys

Endpoint "suggest-personal-names"


This endpoint generates domain names from personal names (first-name, middle-names, last-name).

Allowed Keys

Endpoints "add-prefix" and "add-suffix"



The "add-prefix" and "add-suffix" endpoints provide relevant affix (both syntactically and semantically) suggestions for domain names.

Allowed Keys

Endpoint "spin-word"


This endpoint finds syntactically and semantically relevant alternatives for one word within the input domain and replaces that word to give new suggested domain names.

Allowed Keys

Endpoint "bulk-check"


The "bulk-check endpoint" performs bulk availability checks for supported TLDs with a single query.

If you submit a list of names of which some are probably already registered and others which are probably available we recommend to always set the "include-registered" to "true". Otherwise you may receive a blank response.
Allowed Keys


Parameter NameTypeDefault ValueDescription
nameString (Unicode or Punycode)requiredSeed domain name. If the seed domain name includes a TLD (e.g. seeddomain.example), then that TLD will also be used for suggestions. See the tlds parameter for more info.
namesArray list of strings (Unicode or Punycode)required

List of domain names (sld only or sld.tld).

The maximum is 1000, if you use use-whoisproxy its reduced to 100.

tldsList of strings (Unicode or Punycode)com,net

List of TLDs to use for suggestions and availability checks. Defaults to .com and .net if none are specified. If one or more TLDs are specified in the tlds parameter, only those TLDs will be used.

Use the string “@all” as a value to return all supported TLDs. Use “@checked” to return all the TLDs that are checked for availability.

If the name parameter includes a TLD, then that TLD will also be used for suggestions and availability checks.


Language of the names (used for normalization).

Supported languages:

  • English (eng)
  • German (ger)
  • Spanish (spa)
  • Italian (ita)
  • Japanese (jpn)
  • Turkish (tur)
  • Chinese (chi)
  • Portuguese (por)
  • French (fre)
  • Korean (kor)
ip-addressStringoptionalInclude suggestions based on the approximate geolocation of the provided IP address.
lat-lngComma Separated Double ValuesoptionalInclude suggestions based on the approximate geolocation of the latitude and longitude parameter. Geolocation, in the format: latitude,longitude Valid latitude values: -90.0 to 90.0 Valid longitude values: -180.0 to 180.0 E.g., lat-lng=51.50,-0.126
use-numbersBooleantrueAlso generate suggestions containing numbers.
use-idnsBooleantrueReturn IDNs or use ASCII only (names will be normalized according to the language).

Also generate suggestions containing dashes.

When “true”, suggestions will include dashes. When “false”, suggestions will exclude dashes. When “null”, suggestions will include dashes if name contains dashes.

sensitive-content-filterBooleanfalseFilter vulgar language from the results.
include-registeredBooleanfalseInclude registered domain names in the results.
max-lengthInteger between 2 and 6363Maximum length of the SLDs to return.

Maximum number of results to return.

Value between 1 and 100


  • suggest-personal-names, maximum is 200
  • rank-tlds, maximum is 2000

The maximum number of results is then reduced to 100 if you are using "use-whoisproxy".

include-suggestion-typeBooleanfalseInclude type of algorithms used to generate the suggested SLD and TLD.
vocabularyArray list of strings (Unicode or Punycode)

“@prefixes“ (/add-prefix)


“@suffixes” (/add-suffix)

Vocabulary to use when picking the affixes. Can be empty (i.e. use every word in the language) or a list of custom words (max. 2000), or references to predefined lists ("@prefixes", "@suffixes" are predefined popular affix lists). Note that several lists and words can be mixed (e.g.: "computer, services, @prefixes, mouse, dragon, @suffixes, tips").
positionInteger with a value between 0 and the number of words in the input less 1all positionsPosition of the word for selective word suggestion starting with “0” for the first word.
similarityDouble with a value between 0.00 and 1.000.60The higher this value, the closer the alternate words will be to the original word.
first-nameString (Unicode or Punycode)
First name.
middle-namesArray list of strings (Unicode or Punycode)optionalList of middle names.
last-nameString (Unicode or Punycode)
Last name.

Order by

  • relevance
  • popularity (based on TLD zone size)
  • geographic

Use "" to mark the value.


Check availability via InterNetX WhoisProxy for unsupported Domains, see @checked in parameter tlds.

The maximum number of results is then reduced to 100.

Using the parameter "use-whoisproxy" can have an effect on the maximum number of results. Results are filtered after the Verisign API generates the results.

Availability Check

Every endpoint returning domain name suggestions will include an availability status for each domain. The availability check is not authoritative and should be used for informational purposes only. Additionally, a "bulk-check" endpoint has been introduced to perform a large number (max 1000 domain names) of availability checks with a single query.

Availability checks are currently offered in Verisign-operated TLDs and other select TLDs. Availability checks in non-Verisign-operated TLDs are subject to change. For TLDs for which we do not provide availability checks, the API response will have the status “unknown.”

As post filter you have to possibility to check this results via InterNetX WhoisProxy to get more accurate results. You only need to set the Flag use-whoisproxy. The max. results are then reduced to 100.

Availability StatusDescription
AvailableThe domain name is available.
RegisteredThe domain name is already registered. Set parameter include-registered to true to include registered domains in the results.
ReservedThe domain name is reserved and not available for general registration. Set parameter include-registered to true to include reserved domains in the results.
UnknownThis TLD is supported for name suggestions, but we are unable to perform an availability check.

Query Example with CURL

cat request.json | curl -X POST --user 'user:password'  -H 'Content-type: application/json' 'https://api.autodns.com/namesuggestion/v1/suggest' --data-binary @-

JSON Example

The following example request searches for the terms sport, house and cat in the TLDs  .com, .net, .ltda and .shop.  It restricts the results to a total of 20 and domain length of 15 and uses the whois proxy for the .ltda and .shop TLDs. The request is sent to the /suggest endpoint.


Namestudio Postman Collection

Need direct access to a working Namestudio Postman Collection? Visit https://namestudio.internetx.host

Supplier List

Depending on the location of the supplier, data will be forwarded to the respective country.
OrganizationVeriSign Global Registry Services 
Address12061 Bluemont Way,Reston Virginia 20190,United States