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Contact Extensions

uk / typestring

For the subdomains, and the selection of a UK type is mandatory. For and the UKType is not mandatory.

List of organisation types:

  • LTD - UK Limited Company
  • PLC -UK Public Limited Company
  • PTNR - UK Partnership
  • STRA - UK Sole Trader
  • LLP - UK Limited Liability Partnership
  • IP - UK Industrial/Provident Registered Company
  • IND - UK Individual (representing self)
  • SCH - UK School*
  • RCHAR -UK Registered Charity
  • GOV - UK Government Body
  • CRC - UK Corporation by Royal Charter
  • STAT - UK Statutory Body
  • OTHER - UK Entity that does not fit into any of the above (e.g. clubs, associations, many universities)
  • FIND - Non-UK Individual (representing self)
  • FCORP - Non-UK Corporation
  • FOTHER - Non-UK Entity that does not fit into any of the above(e.g. charities, schools, clubs, associations)

XML Example

.uk Contact Extensions
	<uk:contact xmlns:uk="urn:org:domainrobot:ns:contact:uk-1.0">