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Notifications provide information about the status of jobs whose processing also involves external entities, such as a registry. They are stored in a queue from which they can be retrieved using the polling, push or email methods. The configuration of the preferred method is done in the AutoDNS interface.

There are two types of tasks when processing notifications are sent:

  • Tasks with asynchronous processing and
  • Tasks with external triggers

Tasks with asynchronous Processing 

Example:  Domain jobs, SSL-Jobs and time controlled tasks

Workflow of processing and notifications that are sent in the process (example for domain orders)

  1.  The AutoDNS user sends a request to the domain management system AutoDNS. The domain management system immediately sends a reply with the current status E if there is an error and S if it was successful. The status N is sent if the request is still being processed.
  2.  Requests that are answered with S or E are finished when the reply is sent . Requests that are answered with an N will be further processed by the system.
  3.  The domain management system sends the request to the registry and receives the answer.
  4.  The domain management system sends a reply with the final status code S or E to the AutoDNS user.

Tasks with external Triggers

External events, such as a TransferOut, trigger processing steps and associated notifications in AutoDNS.

TransferOut  JSON and XML notification examples

  • transfer_start - Start of an outgoing domain transfer.
  • transfer_autoack - Automatic confirmation of an outgoing domain transfer (AutoAck). Only for gTLDs.
  • transfer_autonack - Automatic refusal of an outgoing transfer (AutoNack).
  • transfer_reminder - Reminder of an ongoing transfer.
  • domain_away - Deletion of a domain from the database, e.g. in the case of domain transfers without the participation of the registrar.

DomainAutoUpdate JSON and XML notification examples

  • autoupdate_dns_error- Successful execution of an automatic update. Only for .de domains. An automatic update is only performed if the connectivity check, which is part of the registration process, has failed.
  • autoupdate_dns_success - Successful connectivity check.
  • autoupdate_deferred_success - Successful deferred AutoUpdate.
  • autoupdate_deferred_error - Failed deferred AutoUpdate.

OCVAL (OwnerC validation) JSON and XML notification examples

  • ocval_reminder - Reminder to deactivate the domain (5 days before).
  • ocval_activation - Information about the disconnection of the name servers and the non-accessibility of the domain.
  • ocval_deactivation - Information about the reconnection of the nameservers and the re-accessibility of the domain.