InterNetX SSL For WHMCS is a plugin which allows you to offer TLS/SSL certificates provided by the InterNetX SSL Manager.

Table of Contents


Admin area

  • Create Certificate
  • Renew Certificate
  • Delete Certificate

Client area features

  • Prepare Certificate Creation Request
  • View Certificate Details
  • View Administrative & Technical Contacts


Supports WHMCS V7 and later

Certificates provided by InterNetX

  • Basic SSL

Installation and configuration

In this section we will show you how to properly install and configure your InterNetX SSL for WHMCS. For general information see WHMCS Documentation Home:

1. Upload plugin files to your server into your root WHMCS directory.

2. Now, you have to set up your product in the Admin Area. Go to the Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services and create a new group for TLS/SSL through pressing "Create a New Group".

3. Afterwards, fill "Product Group Name" field and press "Save Changes".

4. The next step is to create your products. To do so, go to Products/Services and press "Create a New Product".

5. Now choose previously created Product Group, type your "Product Name" and press "Continue".

6. At the Details tab deselect "Require Domain". (The "Domain" field will be created later.)

8. In the “Pricing" tab select “One Time” or "Recurring" according to your needs, enter your prices and check “Enable”:

In addition you can use “Configurable Options” to let the client select the lifetime and the respective price. For the client it looks like this:

→ To enable the “Configurable Options”, create a “New Group” by selecting Setup > Product/Services > Configurable Options and clicking "Create a New Group“.
→ Select an assigned certificate and click "Save Changes".

→ Then click "Add New Configurable Option“ 

→ This will open a new window with the "Configurable Options“.

→ Enter the "Option Name" "lifetime|Lifetime (months)“ and select the "Option Type" radio.

→ Add an "Option" e.g. "12" for 12 months. Repeat this step for e.g. "24" and "36" months.

→ Define prices for the assigned certificate and click "Save Changes":

Repeat these steps for each certificate and its pricing/lifetime.

Important Note:

If you switched from standard pricing to “Configurable Option Pricing”, you need to set the product pricing back to zero to avoid doubled prices!

You may need to check the settings for "Currencies", e.g. dot or comma separated prices:

For further information on “Configurable Options” see:

9. In the “Module Settings” tab select "InterNetX_SSL" from the “Module Name” dropdown menu and click "Save Changes".

Now you can configure your product and it's connection to the API. Fill in the “Host”, “Username”, “Password” and “Context” fields with your API connection details.

The regular InterNetX API URL is: The “SSL Context” usually is 9. The client can change the "Software" later on himself during the order process in the Client Area.

10. Click "Custom Fields“ in order to generate a custom field for the domain name, which allows the input of the TLS/SSL domain name during the order process in the Client Area.

For access to our Demo System (Sandbox) please contact


TLS/SSL certificate request

To order a new certificate got to Client Area > Services > Order New Services and select the desired Certificate.

Use "Chose Billing Cycle" to select the desired lifetime and enter the "Domain" for which the certificate should be issued.

After that click on "Continue" and proceed with checkout.

After successfull checkout, payment and after Activation of the order bei the Admin the Client is able to do the final configuration for the Certificate request in the Client Area.

In order to send correct TLS/SSL certificate creation requests, your client has to provide the Certificate Signing Request (CRS).

The certificate request will be used along with your clients details in order to send the TLS/SSL certificate creation request.

To start the certificate issuing process go to Client Area > Services > My Services and select the previously ordered Certificate.

Then go to "Click to configure certificate“:

Configuration of S/MIME certificates

Please enter the desired S/MIME enduser password and the details of the "Administrative Contact":

Configuration of TLS/SSL certificates

Select the desired value from the "Web Server Type" dropdown menu and paste the previously generated certificate request into the field “CSR” on the following screen.

Afterwards, fill the official administrative and technical contact fields.

Complete this step by selecting "Click to Continue":

Now select the desired "Certificate Approver Email" and send the TLS/SSL certificate request by selecting "Click to Continue".

You will be informed about the progress of ordering the TLS/SSL certificate through emails sent to the chosen email address.

Viewing your newly created TLS/SSL certificate in the client crea

As soon as your certificate is issued, you will find basic information about it in your client area on the product details page.
Clicking the respective buttons shows the Contact details and the issued Certificate.

Managing TLS/SSL certificates in the admin area

In the admin area you can easily manage the product status using “Create”, “Renew” and “Terminate” Buttons.

In addition, resending the configuration and approver emails is possible.

Last updated 08-31-2023