InterNetX operates its own ISO-certified data center according to Tier 3 standard in Munich, which is specially designed to meet the requirements of housing customers - whether in the form of individual height units or as a complete lockable rack.

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Advantages of Colocation / Housing at InterNetX at a glance

  • ISO-certified data center according to Tier 3 standard and DIN EN 50600
  • Compliant with GDPR
  • Hands-On services bookable 24/7
  • Individual requirements, such as dark fibre connect, in-house cabling to the carrier room and enclosure (cage) can be implemented
  • Storage of spare parts and tools on site possible
  • Separate working area outside the air-conditioned room
  • Booking of individual height units or complete lockable racks
  • For racks (47U or as 15U "third rack"):
  • individually lockable and secured with PIN code
  • optional registration of your employees for 24/7 access to the rack without prior notice
  • In-house wiring to the carrier room

Special features of housing at InterNetX

  • DE-CIX Enabled Site: extremely short latencies to the DE-CIX Peering POPs
  • Cold aisle containment: energy-saving, constant cooling capacity
  • Double room height: less cooling capacity required and lower power consumption
  • High racks: 47 U instead of the usual 42 U
  • Lockable racks
  • 24/7 access without advance booking or escort (optional)
  • 24/7 on-site support: expert assistance around the clock
  • 100% green energy

Housing is suitable

  • if you already have systems and the infrastructure must meet the high security standard of GDPR conformity
  • when you need a highly available network infrastructure, power supply and carrier connectivity
  • if you have to prove an ISO-certified environment
  • if you want to have access to 24/7 on-site support without having to organize it yourself
Individual height units, the third rack or a complete rack, each lockable, to which you have 24/7 access.

Documents for download

Clearly summarized for your records:




Our sales team will be pleased to send you the current ISO 27001 and DIN EN50600 certificate.

Technical details

Traffic commitment with settlement according to the 95/5 method

Billing is based on bandwidth. In the "95/5 procedure" measuring points are determined over the whole month, of which 5% of the highest values are eliminated before billing. This eliminates short-term peaks and smoothes the consumption curve in favour of the customer.
The booked uplink of e.g. 1 Gbit/s is available without throttling.
You can view your current traffic statistics (volume-based) in ISAC at, the monthly billing is retroactive.


The 19" racks have a dimension of 60 x 120 cm. There is sufficient free space for the cables. The cable ducts are also separated in one-third racks.
With 47U the racks are comparatively high, a step ladder is available for installation.

In order to use the climate control concept optimally, only rack servers (19") can be installed. The unused slots should be blinded to avoid a loss of cooling capacity.


For individual height units, InterNetX provides a shared switch with 1 Gbit/s (copper). The booking of the redundant uplink is recommended.
In the case of lockable racks, the switch can be ordered optionally or your own can be used.
The following options are available:

  • redundant
  • at 1 Gbit/s: Fiber (only multimode as standard) or copper (connector type RJ45)
  • at 10 Gbps: fiber optic only (multimode as standard), LC connector, exception: SC
  • higher uplinks by arrangement
For a redundant uplink, the switches must master LACP and support stacking in conjunction with two switches.

If you would like to move an existing dedicated carrier connection or request access to a Hyperscaler (Cloud Connect), please contact our sales team at

Power supply

Shared rack (individual height units)

  • C14 connector strip (cold appliance plug) available
  • With appropriate cabling, the A/B feed can also be used (recommended).

Racks or third racks

  • red CEE-16A three-phase plugs (3 phases) pre-installed
  • Switchable and measurable PDUs (Power Distribution Unit) can be booked optionally. Own PDUs are possible by arrangement.
  • If no PUDs are used, C14 connectors are installed: six in the whole rack, two in the third rack (one per phase).
Work in the raised floor as well as the use of the freight elevator may only be carried out by InterNetX technical personnel and should be announced at least 24 hours in advance by sending an email to

Air conditioning

In the data center, the racks are cooled with efficient cold aisle containment. This has the following advantages compared to conventional solutions:

Power consumption of the servers is about 30% lower
Cooling capacity is also sufficient for resource-intensive applications

Other notes

The rack space is available within a few working days. Optional services, such as dedicated carrier connections, are available by arrangement.

An introduction by the trained InterNetX Data Center Team will take place at the beginning of the event. Appointments for access and biometric registration of authorized persons should be announced 24 hours in advance. Access to the housing area without InterNetX employees is possible at any time, provided a lockable rack has been booked.

You must bring your own tools and rails. Spare parts can be stored in the office.

No additional items (tools, spare parts, foils, etc.) may be stored in the rack, as they represent fire load.

A monitor cart and a stepladder are available for general use. For preparatory work you can use the "Unpack & Deploy room" which can be used free of charge, including Wifi.

Maintenance work is announced on the status page, and notifications can be subscribed to via SMS, push message or email.

In your ISAC account you will find details about your servers (Cloud & Server / Projects / Housing) and further information, such as an invoice overview.

Contact details

For technical questions and for booking hands-on services:

Phone +49 941 59559-480


Support case via (under "Help" in the menu bar)

24/7 available, the regular business hours are Mo - Fr, 9:00 - 17:30

Please note that the processing of requests outside the agreed service level may be subject to a fee.

For advice and sales-related questions:

Phone +49 941 59559-483 Selection "Server


Reachable: Mon - Fri, 9:00 - 17:30