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Table of Contents

General information

Can I also book the additional options later?

Yes, just send an informal e-mail to the sales department We will be happy to advise you.

How is the Fair-Use-Traffic-Policy to be understood?

The Fair-Use-Traffic-Policy is to be seen as a soft concept, there are no fixed limits. It serves as a protection for you as a customer, so that the network is not excessively stressed by one customer and does not influence other customers. In such a case we would come to you. In "normal operation" this is not to be expected.

Which port can be used to access the managed server via SSH?

After activating the SSH option you can establish the SSH connection via port 2222.

How can I change my password?

In the top menu "Administration" --> "Access" the password can be reset and reset with the help of the security questions.

How can I change my customer data?

Changes, e.g. the billing address or the contact person, can easily be changed by yourself under "Administration" --> "Settings" and are immediately effective. The changes to the account data are also applied to domain and SSL invoices. You can also enter the changed company name, but the changes will only take effect after the change of company name form, which will be sent to you afterwards, has been returned. For changed account data, please write to , so that the corresponding forms can be sent to you.

How can I cancel my server?

To cancel your server, please write an e-mail to with the IP address or internal name of the server. We are pleased about the indication of your reason.

How can Plesk customer accounts be managed?

With Plesk, one server or instance can be used for multiple clients. The customer allocation is done via so-called subscriptions. You can assign one or more domains to the subscriptions and add customers who can log in with their own access data and can manage their own accounts, e.g. create mail accounts and websites, according to their assigned resources and permissions. Further details can be found at:

How long does it take to create a snapshot?

The snapshot is ready in seconds - as soon as you see it in ISAC. Displayed size shows you the delta between creation and current size. Please note that snapshots are stored on the same host system and therefore cannot be seen as a backup.

Cloud Server

What should be considered when enlarging cloud servers?

The resources of cloud servers can be easily increased during operation via the action menu. If you have booked a managed service, we will carry out the restart in consultation with you. With unmanaged servers you can shut down and restart the server yourself (not via "restart").

Reseller Cloud

What happens to Reseller Cloud resources that are not assigned to an instance?

The resources are available to the host system, which increases overall performance. Unallocated memory is used as intelligent file cache. Since Plesk or the remaining services running within the instance may not be able to benefit from so much RAM, it is not worth allocating all resources.

How are internal instances of the Reseller Cloud accessible from the outside?

InterNetX provides a simple interface for port forwarding. This can be entered in your ISAC portal in the main menu under Miscellaneous --> Tools --> Firewall. The prerequisite is that a router instance has been created.