Dedicated resources with flexibility

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Basic information

A Bare Metal Server is a dedicated server that is virtualized (KVM). This increases flexibility over traditional dedicated servers, making upgrades and migrations easier. Migration is done by "moving" the VM instead of "moving" it, which preserves settings etc.

What makes InterNetX bare metal server different

  • Managed Service bookable
  • Own RIPE handle: one IPv4/29 network (3 IP addresses usable) and one IPv6/64 network (about 4 trillion addresses) are included
  • Plesk bookable free of charge
  • Guaranteed resources, because the system is exclusively at your disposal (no noisy neighbours)
  • Switch to a larger package within the runtime and without complex migration
  • Intuitive management via ISAC with practical tools
  • High security and comprehensive configuration options through KVM virtualization
  • High performance with NVMe cache or full SSD

NVMe cache or Full-SSD

NVM Express (short NVMe) is a high performance SSD memory, which is connected via the PCI Express bus of the server. The NVMe cache enables read and write operations in connection with classic hard disks at almost full SSD speed. The cache is managed fully automatically.

For database-intensive applications (high I/OPs) we recommend the Full-SSD variant.

Resource selection

The four performance classes are based on our experience, so that the resources are performant and suitable for a variety of applications.

It is recommended not to schedule the resources completely, since the host system also requires resources.

Do you need individual resources or a system without virtualization for your requirements? Contact our server sales team


Bare Metal Servers can be easily ordered via your ISAC account.

How do I log in?

Basic settings

During the ordering process you can already define basic settings of the server:

Assign customers (optional)

If you manage several customers via your ISAC account, the Bare Metal Server will be assigned to the customer view.

Server name (optional)

With the server name you can distinguish your servers more easily, e.g. "Mailserver01". Server names can be changed in the dashboard.

The field can be left blank when ordering and is filled automatically.


Managed Service

In the Managed Service, InterNetX takes over all important maintenance and security updates. A traffic flat rate and the Monitoring Professional Service, with which your servers are monitored and the appropriate measures are initiated in case of irregularities, are included.

A daily backup is performed and kept for 3 days. CentOS and Plesk WebHost Edition (Reseller Account) are defined as standard and are pre-selected.

A detailed list can be found under Services in the Managed Service.

Since the system has been optimized based on our experience, e.g. regarding the mySQL configuration, booking is only possible initially.


With unmanaged systems you get root access to the VM, so that you can perform updates etc. yourself. The host system is managed by InterNetX.

For the selection of the operating system and, if necessary, administration panels, please contact your contact person in server sales.

Please note that depending on the configuration, support may only be available to a limited extent.


As hardware variants, NVMe cache or full SSD are available. With a change of the performance class it is also possible to switch from NVMe to full SSD.

Runtime and performance class

Since it is a dedicated server, which is exclusively available to you, the monthly fee is reduced with the longer duration.

It is also possible to switch to a higher performance class before the minimum term is reached.

The desired performance class is selected with a click. The total price is displayed on the lower screen.

Optional services

The Managed Service includes Traffic Flat, the Monitoring Professional Service and a daily backup. Additional options can be selected for unmanaged servers.

For booking services that are not selectable, please contact our sales team.


You can enter promocodes in the field "Redeem promocode". Click CHECK to display the description. The total price is recalculated taking into account the discount.

If the promocode is displayed as invalid, please leave the field blank and contact our server sales team

After clicking on ORDER your order will be summarized.

By clicking on ORDER again, the order process will be initiated with costs.

Upgrade resources

If you need more resources, you can switch to a larger Bare Metal Server or Reseller Cloud even during runtime.

Our server sales team will be happy to advise you and support you during the changeover.

The process:

  • Order the new server via ISAC.
  • As soon as the server is available (after approx. 10 working days) you will receive a notification by email.
  • Our support team will contact you to make an appointment for the changeover. This will be done via a Plesk migration or a postponement of your instance. For this purpose the server will be shut down and will not be available during this period.
  • The DNS entries do not need to be converted, as the IP addresses remain unchanged.
  • Terminate the old server as soon as the server is running as usual.