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InterNetX is continuously expanding its certificate portfolio and offers new certificate variants in addition to the TLS/SSL and S/MIME certificates.
Below you will find an overview of other certificate types that can be ordered through our systems. The individual subpages provide detailed information on the various certificates, an overview of the processes and specifications.

Verified Mark Certificate (VMC)

The VMC enables trademark holders to display their logo next to the sender field in email clients. Even before opening the email, recipients can see that the sender has been authenticated. In a sense, VMCs provide the email equivalent of a social media checkmark, with additional validation and security requirements to protect against phishing and spoofing attacks.

Document Signing Certificate

GlobalSign's Document Signing Certificate is equivalent to a standard signature solution based on a USB token. GlobalSign is a member of the Adobe Approved Trust-Liste (AATL), which automatically classifies all signatures as trusted within Adobe® Acrobat® or Reader®.

Code Signing Certificate

Code Signing Certificates are intended for developers on all platforms to digitally sign their applications and software that they make available over the Internet. Signed code is marked with the name of the publisher, providing protection against the introduction of malware and other subsequent modifications.

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